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Southview Athletics

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2015, Southview Athletics is an elite active wear company on a mission to combine Company and Charity in order to give America's youth a better chance at Success

Our Mission

To transform the impoverished regions of America through Entrepreneurship and

Mentorship Programs through our most important ambassadors..


Entrepreneurship Programs

Entrepreneurship Programs

At Southview we design our entrepreneurship programs around a 16 week conceptual business development competition that encourages independent research and thought, organic evolution of ideas & teamwork in a competitive and reward based manner.

It is our belief that only through organic growth of our kids ideas and dreams will we be able to truly harness the power of intelligence to change the conversations of our inner cities from those of poverty and crime to ones of prosperity and perseverance. 

It is our goal at Southview to create exciting, challenging, and rewarding programs where our young men and women can look forward to attending each week and walk away a little better than they came. 

Mentorship Programs

Volunteers always Welcome!

We are always looking for voulenteers to help us reach more children around the country.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us here! We would love to have you on the Southview Team!

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